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Dear PX student/participant

I would like to give you a warm welcome to PX11 (also PX11/12, PX11-12 or plain PX), which has now started. I hope that the course will meet your needs and that you'll enjoy it!

Over the next two weeks we will be giving you time to familiarise yourself with the learning methods used in PX by giving an introduction to internet technology. You will be able to test this in the first section on protein structure. We also give you an overview of protein crystallography in flowchart format.

Course Index, identifier and password

You can start checking the Course Index which you enter from the dedicated departmental web page at Certain areas are (partially) open and public as indicated by the grey buttons. To get access to the restricted areas where the course material resides (indicated by the green and purple buttons), you will need an individual identifier and password. To obtain these you have to read and submit the license form for the course material which is accessible from the notice board. You will then get identifier and password, usually within 24 hours. You will need to use these once per browser session.

Notice Board

Please check here for the latest information. E-mail's may go astray! The notice board can be entered via Today it gives pointers to releases 1 and 2. Please ensure that you reload this page every time you look at it when you are using the cache of your browser.

The link to System Down Time gives you information of when the Department's computers will not be available, and therefore the course pages.

Enrolment and Financial

Please ensure that you have completed your enrolment (including payment) before the December 3rd deadline if you have not done so yet. Thanks.

Please contact me if you have queries about how the course is organised or any that are more general.

Best wishes for your study

Tracey (Barrett)
Course Director

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